Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cutie pie and sleeping boy

Yesterday Ava and I went shopping with my friend and her daughter who is just a year older than Ava. We had a great time but we were a little rushed for time because we had to get back for a lasagna dinner at the girls dance studio. We went to Old Navy and they were having a great sale-t-shirts and leggings for $4 each! Those are Ava's favorite things so she picked out a lot of cute things for spring. She picked out this cute dress which was only $20. I love it! She wore it today when we went out to lunch. Poor thing, as you can see, her jean jacket from last year is getting too small, we will have to get her a new one for this year. We didn't see much of Brock this weekend he was too busy playing sports, going to soccer and basketball practice, and having a sleepover with his best friend Thomas. He came home this afternoon and feel right to sleep on the couch, he got up to eat dinner with us and he's sleeping again!
I have a busy week ahead, I have a ton of stuff to get done at work, then I am going to Illinois to visit with my mom next weekend, she had a small stroke last week and my sister Shelby has been with her. I am going to go out later in the week to help her, she might come and stay with us in NY for a few weeks while she recovers.


Beth said...

I like the new name (Baseball & Ballet) - very fitting!
Sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she's doing ok. Your family will be in my thoughts.