Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring decorating

I started decorating for spring today, even though it's only suppose to be 15 degrees here today! I am so sick of cold weather, and it's March so spring should be just around the corner.

I started with the top of our cabinet where we keep our TV. I love this new plant I got for only $5 at the grocery store. I hope I can keep it alive, I am not so good in the plant department. My Mom loves plants and when she comes to visit she is always horrified because my plants are drying and brown. She is constantly watering my plants when she's here. I hope I can keep this one alive and healthy until she comes to visit in June-ha! I like the wreath in back and I usually keep one there all year. I don't know if both of those things on either side of it are too much. I will keep playing around with it until I get it how I like it. How do you decorate for spring?