Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Fun!

We had the best weather here this weekend!  We spent almost the whole weekend outside soaking up the beautiful sunshine.  Yesterday I took Brock and Ava and two of Ava's friends to a Cider Mill and a Pumpkin festival!  I was SO happy that both B and A were excited to go.  I know that there will come a day (probably very soon) that they won't want to do things with me.  So when they want to do things together I jump at the chance!

We started our day at the Cider Mill.  We tasted and bought many tasty fall treats including cider, donuts, apples and pumpkin bread. 

Too Cool!   I love this picture of Ava with her two friends  I am SO thankful that Ava has such sweet, caring friends!

 Brock is almost 6 feet tall!  I also have a picture of Brock in front of this same sign when he was two years old.   

Me and the girls. I always love these wooden cutouts-ha ha!

Before we left the Cider Mill we fed the ducks which was fun!

Our next stop was at the Pumpkin Festival where we met Grandma Jan. 

Look at these giant pumpkins!

I loved the color of this pumpkin. 

Here the girls are after a fun filled day outside.  I think this picture is precious!

Last night Brock went to his first  Bar Mitzvah.  I wish I would have taken his picture he looked so handsome in his polo shirt.  While Brock was at the party I took Ava to see A Dolphin Tale. It was a cute movie!

I hope you had a good weekend!


Michelle said...

Great pictures! They are growing up so fast!!

Beth said...

Angie - I'm so behind in reading blogs! Kevin and I took the kids to Fly Creek last Saturday, too! I would have loved to accidentally bump into you! Of course your kids are so big now, I probably wouldn't have even recognized them! We skipped the pumpkin fest after and went to the Ommegang Brewery instead =) Hope you're all doing well ~ Beth