Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This and That

Last weekend we went to a farm stand and I got some pumpkins and mums for our yard for fall.  I saw some white pumpkins and I thought they were SO adorable so I got two of them for the hutch in our dining room.  I love white pumpkins!

 I am still getting fall stuff out of our attic.  This is a fall centerpiece that I've used for a couple of years on our dining room table.  This year I put it on the coffee table in our sun room.  I love that I can use this from now until Thanksgiving.  I just love fall colors!
Two festive pumpkins in our living room.  I love the turquoise/orange colors together. The candle stick is from Hobby Lobby and the green vase is from Restoration Hardware  I want to do more turquoise/orange decorations this year. 

 This is a little box that I painted with chalkboard paint.  In the background is a picture of my Mom when she was a baby. 

I got these adorable Missoni bowls from Target for my friend as a housewarming gift.  Love them!

 Moving on to running now.  This weekend is the  5k race that Sabrina and I have been training for since March.  In August we joined a running group with about 15 ladies.  I am SO glad we joined this group!  We usually run together on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings at 5:15 (Saturday's we usually do 6).  We call ourselves the Pack and we totally motivate and support each other -which has been a huge blessing for me.  This morning after our run we got the shirts that were going to wear to our race this weekend. I love it!  I can't wait to wear it!

On the back of the shirt we each wrote a reason why we did the race.  Mine is near the bottom and it says "for my mom"  She died of a heart attack last year at age 64.  I still can't believe she's gone.  I love my Mom SO much but I don't want to have a heart attack at an early age. My Dad also had a heart attack at an early age but  thankfully he survived and is doing well!   After my Mom  died I promised myself I would get in shape and eat better.  So training for this race was part of that promise to myself.  I know she would be proud of me!


Sabrina said...

3 things:
1. Your mom would be so proud of you, you have kicked butt!!
2. Lets talk about that little box with chalkboard paint on it..shall we?
3. I can't wait for my new bowls!!!