Friday, September 23, 2011

Our week!

Has been hellish, I've been sick all week :(  I'm glad it's finally the weekend so I can rest and relax and get feeling better. Last weekend before I got sick I went to a dinner for our College's athletic program.  It was a fun night!    Here are the people from our table we had a fun night and we are already making plans to go again next year. I hope Graig isn't traveling and can go with me next year. 

I have a new favorite breakfast.  The Pioneer Woman's Egg in the Hole.  They are so good!  I have made them two times this week for breakfast!

Last night we went to Target to get Ava her Halloween costume.  She wanted to be food.  She loves being food for Halloween!    Last Halloween she went as grapes and this Halloween she decided to be a Hot Dog. Her costume looks similar to this one. I think she will look so cute!   

Have a good weekend!


Michelle said...

Cute costume--I saw the PW on tv and she was making that for breakfast! I'm going to have to try that this weekend!