Monday, May 23, 2016

Branch and Bloom {Craft Night}

We had our monthly craft night on Feuday night.  We made concrete planters.  It was a small one we only had three participants but I think it was good because thus craft was so messy!

Here's our table all set up!  We try and make our craft night look nice but this one was impossible so we did our best :)
You need Portland concrete, perlite, Pete miss and water to do this project.  

Here are our ladies plus two little helpers hard at work! 

My friend Isabel brought her 3 kids because her husband was working.  

They all made concrete handprints :-)

Here we all are with our messy hands!

You mix equal parts of he ingredients listed above and the consistency should be like cottage cheese.  

These take a week to dry so I'll show you the finished product when they are done drying.  

It was a great night!

Next month we are making sugar scrubs!