Sunday, May 8, 2016

Home Tour Tuesday {Sunroom}

This is the second installment of home tour Tuesday.  A few weeks ago I showed our teeny, tiny entry.

It has been rainy and gloomy for weeks so it's been hard to get good pictures of this space.  

This room is right off our entry and we use this room for hanging out and reading.  When Brock  comes home he'll take this room over and set up his computer and video games in here.  

It's hard to get good pictures in this room because 2 of three walls are all windows.  There are 7 windows in this room.

Oh our red couches that were SO popular circa 2004.  It's quite comfortable but I'm hoping to replace it really soon. 

This is our little bar area.

My mini green house from Ikea holds my succulents.

I got this beer tray when I went to Brimfield a few years ago. 

I hope you enjoyed our sunroom!  Next week is our Dining Room.
Have a great Tuesday.


Essie Reed said...

What a cute sun room! You really have a lot of adorable elements that make the room piece together well and fit a variety of needs. Great job! I cannot wait to see what you put in place of the red couch. I like the splash of red, but I think you will find something even better to fit the room next!