Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

 First I'd like to send lots of love and a big thank you to my own Mom in heaven on this  special day.  My mom was one of a kind and my sister and I always knew that she loved us completely and unconditionallly. I am so thankful and grateful that I had a Mom as wonderful as her.  

I'm also so thankful to my Mother in law Janice.  She was a fantastic Morher to her own three sons and instilled values of honesty, integrity and hard work into my husband.  She is also a loving Grandma to Brock and Ava and their two cousins.
I am thankful for her love and support each day.  

I also want to wish a very Happy Happy Mother's Day to my sister Shelby who is a fantastic Mom to Ainsley.  

We spent the day watching basketball.
Ava had 4 games today and Graig reffed 4 games.  It was a loonnggggg day!  The good news is that Ava won her tournament!  We are so proud of her and her team!

We finished the day with a cookout at home.
It was a great Mother's Day!