Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Life lately

This was an exciting week at our house.

Ava had her very first job interview on Tuesday!  She applied to be a photographer at s local baseball camp.  She got the job!  She will take action shots  of the kids during baseball games.

Here's a picture of her from her basketball tournament last weekend. 

Wednesday Brock finished up his finals, packed up his car and came home!
We are thrilled he is back at home.  Ava was excited to see her brother!

I had a goodbye lunch with my graduating senior students.  It's always sad to say goodbye but they all have bright futures ahead of them!  I know we will stay in touch and I'm glad we got a chance to have lunch and catch up one last time before graduation.

Our Branch and Bloom Open House is Saturday!  Our business cards and postcards arrived today.

Tonight I helped my friend Lisa at a party she had for her work.  The party was held in a fancy old mansion that was beautiful!  Lisa is a nurse in a doctors office that does cosmetic procedures.  They are opening up another location and I helped at the party by taking pictures.  It was a fun night but I am exhausted!

Happy Thursday!