Sunday, August 6, 2017

Our Saturday

The most exciting thing that happened today is that Brock came home!   I haven't seen him since we went to Florida in March and it's so great to have him home.  His 20th birthday is Monday and I'm so happy that we will all be together on his birthday.  

Graig went to pick him up at the Syracuse airport this morning and then they stopped for a little bit and played poker at the casino-Graig is thrilled Brock can play! They got home about 7.  He was exhausted because he took a red eye flight so he went  bed early.  I did get one picture of him before he went to sleep. 

Yesterday morning I went to the farmers market and out to lunch with two of my friends.  It was so fun.  I love going to the farmer's market on Saturday.  I went with my friends Stephanie and Vicki.  I love these girls.  We always have so much fun together ❤️

I love that they had all this sign at the entrance to the market.  

We walked around and got some produce and took pictures of all the delicious food. 

I got corn, a peach pie, and peaches.  I loved these flowers.  They were so pretty!

After the farmers market we walked on Main Street and went to the distillery because they have cute gift items and free bottles.  So we each got a few empty bottles for an upcoming craft project. 

We went to lunch at Origins Cafe.  It was so delicious as always.  I got a chicken salad sandwich-it was amazing!

It was a great day!

Ava is at basketball camp this weekend with her team. She sent me this picture of them eating a team dinner at Ruby Tuesday's.  She'll be home tonight.  

Happy weekend!