Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Our Saturday

Saturday morning Rachael and I had a craft class at the library.   Our business Branch and Bloom does craft nights one time per month and the library asked us to be part of their DIY day.  We made terrariums.  At this class we had some kids come which was fun.   

Here was the finished project.  I love making terrariums. 

The library also set up a display of books for us about terrariums that you could get ar the library.  

We did this craft outside which was good because it's so messy!  We also had a few kids come which was nice.  The loved it.  Our friend Melany's daughter came-she's visiting her friends this week since they live in Florida now.  It was great to see her!  

Our friend Lisa cane too which was so great.  She loves plants so this was a perfect project for her.

In the afternoon Graig and I volunteered for United Way.  We served beer at a concert. We've never done it before and it was hard work but it was fun!

Here is our big group.

And then here are my friends and I we were the servers.   It was a fun night.  When someone would give us a tip we would give them a high five.