Thursday, June 8, 2017

Dirty Dancing on Stage

Last Wednesday night I went with my three best girlfriends to see the touring show of Dirty Dancing.  We bought our tickets in March and I didn't think of it again until last week when I saw it on my calendar.  It was a fun night out!

I will say that Dirty Dancing came out when I was 11 and my Mom didn't let me watch the movie when it first came out because she thought it was too mature for me.  Eventually I did get to see it and I loved it!  I bought both CD's and listened to the songs all the time.

Before the show we went to The Tailor and the Cook for dinner.  It was amazing!   I had scallops.  I'm doing whole 30 so no bread or alcohol for me but the scallops were delicious!

After dinner we headed to the show.  We watched Dirty Dancing at the historic Stanley Theatre in Utica.  This was my first show there and I thought it was beautiful. They have  completely renovated the interior but have kept the old, original details.  It was absolutely stunning!
The show was great!  Baby and Johnny were AMAZING.  They are both so talented.  Johnny was played by Christopher Tierney (the Broadway Spider-Man that fell 30 feet-remember him?). Same guy! The whole cast was great. 
 It was a fun night!   

We had a great time and we can't wait for the next broadway show to come to Utica!