Wednesday, June 21, 2017

June Book review

I love reading books and I've done a few book reviews this year highlighting the books I've read.  You can read them here, here and here.

In June I've read 4 books and I want to let you know about them and share my thoughts on them in case you are looking for some good books for the beginning of summer.


Last month my book club read What She Left Behind which is actually two stories one is about a teenager (Izzy)  in foster care today and the other is about a young woman (Clara) who is committed to an insane asylum by her father.  
Clara was committed because her father didn't approve of her Italian immigrant boyfriend.  Clara spends most of her life in the insane asylum.   The two stories are intertwined because Izzy and her foster mother are researching the insane asylum and the people who lived there.  The story takes place in NY which is where I live.  The author references many NY landmarks throughout the book which I thought was very interesting and fun!  
It was honestly heartbreaking for me to read this book because Clara was a normal girl who had a bright future.  Her only "crime" was falling in love with someone her father didn't approve of. In the back of the book they lost why people were sent to the asylum in the late 19th century.  Here is the list.  I would have been committed for sure 😬

I read Lilac Girls because my friend recommended it.  It is a historical fiction booked based on real people and events.  The book tells the story of three women, one from Germany, one from Poland and one from America, during World War II. The Polish woman Kasia is in an all woman concentration camp, the German woman is a doctor at the camp and the American woman,Caroline, works for the French embassy.  I could not put this book down it was a great book.  I love that it told the story of real people and I always love reading about World War II.  This book is a beautiful story of love, hope and courage.

My Dad recommended Summer at Tiffany.  This book was a true story about two college women from the University of Iowa that worked at Tiffany during the summer of 1945.  They were the first two women ever hired by Tiffany to work on the sales floor.  This book is about their incredible summer in NYC-meeting celebrities, dating, and celebrating VJ Day in Times Square.  It was a charming book.
I LOVE cookbooks and I bought A FarmGirls Table about life on a North Carolina  farm. This book is full of beautiful pictures and delicious, easy to prepare recipes.  I love this cookbook so much I bought a second one to give to a friend for her birthday. I have already made the raspberry-rhubarb jam from this book and it's delicious!  I hope to make some other recipes soon.
I hope you have been reading good books and if you're looking for a few more check these books out.  They're great!
Have a good week!