Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Our weekend

We had a full weekend of parties and fun!  I knew this weekend was going to be busy because we had  graduation parties to go to and I had a private party for Branch and Bloom.

This is how I felt this weekend-it just FLEW BY!!

Saturday morning Rachael and I did a private party for our Craft Business Branch and Bloom.  The 6 cousins wanted to make monogrammed wine glasses.  They had such a good time and so did we!!  It was a simple craft to do with them and it took about an hour.  Each guest  made a set of 4 wine glasses.  It was good practice for us because our July craft class is going to be monogrammed wine glasses.

After the craft class Graig, Ava and I raced to our first graduation party of the day.  Two of Ava's friends from basketball were there too so she took a picture with them.  We stayed at this party for about an hour before heading to our next party.  

Ava's BFF and basketball teammate graduated from high school so we stopped by her party next.  They had a fun photobooth so the girls took pictures.

At our next party the family had food trucks do the food and it was such a fun idea!  Graig and I shared a wood-fired pizza and it was delicious!  The other food trucks offered ice cream and french fries which we also tried.  

Of course all of the moms had to take a picture :)                   

Two of Brock's best friends were at one of the parties so I took a picture with them and texted it to Brock.  Brock will be home in August and he can't wait to catch up with his friends.  
Sunday Ava and I had lunch with Steff, Ava's  host sister from the Czech Republic.  She is finishing up her year in NY and we were thrilled when we found out was so close to us.  I am so glad that we were able to meet her.  She brought us postcards so we could see the village Ava will be living in.  It's tiny-only 400 people!  

To end our fun filled weekend I helped two friends with a fundraiser for the high school volley ball team.  You can pay to have your friends yards "flocked" with flamingos.  It is so fun seeing these "flocked" yards all over town and it's been a successful fundraiser for the volleyball team.  Each girl takes a turn "flocking."  Last night we did 5 yards.  It was so fun!