Monday, June 19, 2017

Our weekend

Ava had her last tournament of the AAU season over the weekend.  She had a great time playing with her team and she learned a lot from her coaches.  
 My friend Rachael and I made a flower arrangement for Art in Bloom. Art in Bloom is a floral arranging exhibition where floral arrangers create an arrangement highlighting a piece of artwork.   We have made arrangements for Art in Bloom the  last 4 years.  You can see our past arrangements here.  This year our art piece was an elephant made out of recycled material.  This one was our most challenging piece yet.

Saturday my friend Rachael hosted a summer brunch.  She had tons of delicious food and drinks.  I love getting together with these girls!  
Sunday we went to our first graduation party of the season for Gabby who graduates from high school on Saturday.  It was a great afternoon!  Here is a picture of the kids from the party. 
And here are some of my friends that were at the party. 
 I love them ❤️. 
We also celebrated Father's Day Sunday.  Happy Father's Day to Graig! He's a great Dad to Brock  and Ava.  We are so lucky he's ours ❤️❤️
And Happy Father's Day to my Dad ❤️❤️