Monday, August 4, 2008

1 baby + Ava + 2 friends= a lot of stuff

Yesterday Brock had a Little League game (are you surprised??) This is his last all-star tournament. His last baseball game will be Friday night. (Thank God!!) My friend Sabrina's son Ethan plays on the team too and her husband Shawn coaches the team with Graig. Anyway, Sabrina just had a new baby, Eliza on July 26 and she decided that she wanted to go to the game yesterday. Since she has a bigger car I drove her car to the game. We had her car filled with the stroller, papasan chair, cooler, and diaper bag. I forgot how much stuff a 7 lb baby needs!! Ava was in heaven because she got to sit next to Eliza all the way to the game.

Sweet Eliza ready to roll!