Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ooooooh Nooooo!

Last night Brock dropped my camera....and it broke! He was making a youtube video and I know if was an accident but I am SO BUMMED! I love posting pics with every post and now I won't be able to do that for at least a a couple of weeks because I have to send my camera to Cannon to get fixed :(
Today at work was so busy, I had my Greek Retreat all day today with the Greek Presidents, Vice Presidents and Recruitment chairs. It was fun and I think they learned a lot and got to know each other more but I am exhausted...the fun continues tomorrow because recruitment starts!
After work, I signed Ava up for her dance classes. She is going to take ballet, tap and jazz next year. She is so happy, I think dance is going to be her "thing".


Beth said...

I, too, have a broken camera. I can't blame it on an 11 year old, though. I let Kevin take it on a hike in the mountains and it came back broken. I suppose it still "works", it's just the LCD screen that's busted... but it's my excuse to get a new camera. Who wants a digital camera with a broken LCD screen? Might as well use film in that case!

AG said...

awww, no digital camera...whatever will you do? I can come over and take pictures of anything you want. :)