Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Brock!!

Brock is 11 today! I can't believe our sweet boy is 11. I know everyone says it, but the time has flown by! I can remember like it was yesterday bringing him home from the hospital.

Graig and I love his sense of humor, the way that he stays calm in the most intense situations (he does this in little league when he is pitching, I don't know how he does it, even if he's behind in the count he takes his time collects himself, and then he throws the ball~usually a strike), how he can be so sweet and protective of his baby sister, and how he loves to laugh.

Tonight we are going to celebrate by going out for pizza (his favorite!). Tomorrow Graig is going to take him to get his birthday present, I don't want to post it yet in case he reads this but we know he is going to love it!

This is a picture from his 4th Birthday party.
Brock is the second one from the left in the back row. How cute is he??

Brock getting ready to bat in Little League, he looks so grown up to me in this picture

Brock and his friend Theo having a snack after a Little League Game


AG said...

Happy Birthday to Brock! I can't believe he's 11 either. I remember when you first moved in to Hulbert and how little he was. awww.

Beth said...

Brock was my best buddy when he was about 2! And now I've been gone from Oneonta long enough that I'm sure he doesn't even remember me. I remember the first time I met you & Brock shortly after Graig was hired. You were sweet... but I really loved that little boy of yours! Can't believe he's 11. That makes us old! Hope he has a great birthday!

AG said...

I got the 30 inch skirt. I think 40 inch would have been way too much. it's a good deal right? I searched for a while to find that one.

AG said...

you are leaving tomorrow right? Have a good trip. I might stay here longer if they are carpeting my bedroom. I have to move all the crap out of it. ugh.

Have a safe trip and call me when you are bored.

Oh, and I like the fancy header you have now. I forgot to mention that before.

Aunt Shelby said...

Happy Birthday Brock!! Can't believe you are 11!! I remember the day you were born--in the great state of IL! We were all there to welcome you to the world--hope you have a great party when you get back to NY! Love, Aunt Shelby