Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who What When

I found this on another blog and I thought it would be fun to do, I hope that everyone that reads my blog does this so we can find out a little more about each other! Have fun! Leave a comment and I will check out your blog

Where is your cell phone? in my work bag

Your significant other? Graig, he's in the kitchen watching sports center

Your hair? is wavy today and I have it back with a headband

Your mother? in Illinois

Your father? in Wyoming

Your favorite thing? hearing Brock and Ava laugh, relaxing on my couch, getting a pedi, eating a good meal, getting together with my friends

Your dream last night? I don't remember

Your favorite drink? Diet cherry coke

Your dream/goal? to continue on the path that I am on. I am happy with my family, career, home, etc.

The room you’re in? Living Room

Your ex? Thankfully I don't have one

Your fear? being in a car accident, heights, drowning, something bad happening to one of my kids (wow I have a lot of fears :)

Where do you want to be in 6 years? In 6 years I will be 38 (yikes!) Brock will be 17 and about to start his senior year of high school and Ava will be 12! I hope that everyone I love is still happy and healthy!

Where were you last night? at home, relaxing

What you’re not? uptight

Muffins? not so much, I do love corn muffins though

One of your wish list items? a new kitchen and a hottub!

Where you grew up? Southern Illinois

The last thing you did? helped Brock upload a video to youtube

What are you wearing? black t-shirt, and grey capri pants

Your TV? off

Your pets? 3 little dogs (Graig loves them, me not so much) 2 yorkie-poos Daisy and Ellie and 1 malti-poo Cotton

Your computer? a Dell laptop we have a desktop too but I love the laptop

Your life? usually hectic but I wouldn't have it any other way

Your mood? a little sleepy

Missing someone? my sister Shelby and my Mom

Something you’re not wearing? a watch

Favorite store? Target, You can find anything and everything at Target. I have to drive at least an hour to get to a Target! I also love any and all stores that sell home stuff or candles and I love going to Gymboree with Ava (esp. when they are having a sale!)

Your summer? almost over!!

When is the last time you laughed? today at work talking to my co-workers

Last time you cried? when Nastia won the gold medal in gymnastics last week

Who will re post this? All of my many readers! (ha ha)

BTW, I just took off my music and the poll, it was driving me crazy!!!


Beth said...

I don't need to leave a comment - I know that you read my blog daily because my life is terribly interesting to you! But just in case you don't notice, I'll play along with your question game :)