Monday, August 18, 2008

Just another manic Monday

Today was a busy, busy day. Last Friday, while the kids and I were on vay-cay visiting my Dad, Graig had knee surgery.One of his good friends, Kevin, took him and stayed with him because we were gone (thanks Kevin!) He had a partially torn meniscus that had to be repaired. The surgery went smoothly but afterwords, the doctor said that Graig had the knee of an 80 year old man and he needed to have knee replacement surgery! So, we have an appointment with a surgeon next month to talk about his options for knee replacement.

Graig chillin' on the couch with Brock and our dog Daisy
Things are crazy at work for Graig and I because school starts next week! Our two good friends, Dan and Jenn, work at the same College as Graig and I and we are taking turns watching each other's girls this week. I think their daughter Marty and Ava look so similiar. They could be sisters! Marty went with me today when I picked Ava up from gymnastics camp.

Cutie Pies They have similar short haircuts so I thought this was a good picture of the two of them. Whenever they walk together they always hold hands, it is so cute! Ava's hair was wet from swimming. Brock spent his b-day money to get this nerf gun, he is so proud of it. His b-day party is Friday night and the main event is going to be a nerf gun fight so he is so excited he got this gun. We ordered it on Amazon and it was on backorder so last night we went to Wal-Mart and they had one, he was so happy! Today he created a youtube account so he could upload videos of him and his friends having nerf gun fights.
After dinner Brock and Ava played on the trampoline. Sometimes they are so sweet together.


Sabrina said...

Ok, I finally looked at your blog. It is really cute, you put a lot of work into it. It could be better though, like some pictures of gorgeous me might get you more hits. Your vacations looked fun. It's a good thing you got that new digital camera.