Friday, August 22, 2008

Brock's 11th B-Day Party

Tonight Brock is having his 11th birthday sleepover. This year we let him invite only 4 friends because we wanted to keep it managable because the party is at our house. Last year was crazy, he had about 12 boys sleep over it was pure choas! Graig and I decided never, ever to do that again. That was way too many boys! 4 seems like a good number for a sleepover.

Anyway, they played on the trampoline, had a nerf gun fight, we lit sparklers, and now they are in for the night playing Wii in the basement.

Here are some pics from tonight
The boys eating dinner

With their sparklers

Ava with her friend our neighbor Anika, they love sparklers

Brock with his cake. I told him if he didn't smile he wasn't getting cake. My friend, Brock and Ava's Auntie Allison made the cake. Thanks Allison it was delicious!!

Present time!


Aunt Shelby said...

Happy Birthday Brock!!! Looks like you had a GREAT time!

Aunt Shelby