Saturday, August 16, 2008

Miss America

Ava and I have loved watching the USA gymnastics team compete this week! We were both so happy when the Nastia Liukin won gold and Shawn Johnson won silver. We stayed up and watched the beam and the uneven bars and then we were sooooo tired that we couldn't stay awake anymore. Thanks goodness they have showed it tonight earlier so we could watch it. How inspirational! Those girls are AMAZING.

Congrats Nastia and Shawn! Ava loves you both and she is your biggest fan.

This fall Ava is going to be on the gymnastics team at the YMCA and next week she start gymnastics camp. This afternoon we were at Target and she saw this adorable red, white and blue leotard and warm up jacket. Doesn't she look so cute in her warm up jacket? On the back it says "gymnastics"

Miss America!!

This morning we are flying home to NY after a week with my Dad in Wyoming. We have had a great time but it will be so nice to be home. We bought so much stuff out here, I hope everything fits in our suitcases. Brock got 2 pairs of shoes and a few shirts today at the Nike outlet. Ava found two cute outfits (on sale!) at Gymboree, and I bought 7 new Christmas ornaments for our tree. I love getting ornaments from all the places we visit when we go on vacation so we can remember our trips. My Dad also gave me a suitcase full of pictures, cards, and other memories from my high school and college days. Since he is selling his ranch he wants to get rid of stuff. I seriously think I might have to pay extra $ $ to board the plane because I have so much stuff. I hope that we (and all of our stuff) make it home safely!


AG said...

Love the gymnastics. I've been a big fan since Shannon Miller days. (I mean, of course Mary Lou) Anyway, glad you are coming back and I hope you brought me a present.