Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Angie's new kitchen and church b-day!

One of my BFF's, Angie, has been working on updating her kitchen all summer. She has a beautiful historic home and her old kitchen was small and outdated. So in June she decided it was time for a new kitchen! Angie and her husband Chris have been working since then updating their kitchen. They did a lot of the work themselves! Their counter top was finally delivered this week so Angie invited Sabrina and I over to see her (almost) finished kitchen. I absolutely love it, I can't believe how nice it looks! Her kitchen and dining room look so big now.

I am trying to talk Angie in to starting a blog! She works as a kindergarten teacher and she has 4 adorable little girls so I don't think she would run out of things to blog about!!

This is my favorite part of her new kitchen

Sabrina, Eliza and Angie

I love this picture of Eliza! She was so good while we were talking, and laughing tonight.
After I left Angie's, I picked up Brock and Ava and Brock's best friend Thomas and we headed to our church to celebrate it's 125th anniversary as a parish. After the church service we went across the street to our parish center and we had dinner to celebrate. We had a good time seeing everyone at church but we had to come home early so I could get Brock and Ava to bed for school tomorrow. Graig is traveling again and he comes home tomorrow, we can't wait to see him!

Brock and Thomas at our Church dinner.


AG said...

Angie's kitchen is cute!

CarolinaGirl said...

Your friend did a great job on the kitchen. You HAD to go and put the sad song on there didnt ya!?:)

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

What a gorgeous kitchen! I bet she is so happy to have it nearly completed!