Saturday, October 4, 2008

Super Saturday!

Today was a super busy day! We started at 9am this morning with Brock's soccer game.
At 10:15 Ava had her soccer game. She played goalie and forward. Here is a picture of right before we left our house this morning. I love her smile without her two front teeth.

Ava running down the field.
This afternoon Brock had 2 baseball games and Ava had dance practice for her Winter recital.
Our town had it's Centennial parade today so Ava and I went for a little while during Brock's baseball game.

Ava and her friends watching the parade this afternoon.
After the baseball games and the parade Graig, Ava and I went to a spaghetti dinner which is a fundraiser for the Pit Run, which is going to be held tomorrow in our town. Brock is spending the night with his best friend Thomas.

Here is Ava and her friend Jake at the spaghetti dinner. Ava and Jake have been best friends since they were born! Jake's mom and I work together and Jake and Ava were born one month apart. He is spending the night with us tonight and then we are going to get up and go to early Mass and then we are all going to the Pit Run.


CarolinaGirl said...

What a fun day! Your town looks like so much fun!