Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pit Run and Ornament Exchange!

This morning Jake and Ava got up early! Jake was dressed for church by 6:30! Ava was up but she decided to stay in her jammies for a little while longer. After church, I picked up my friend Allison and we headed to the Pit Run. Today was the 15th annual Pit Run. It's a 5k or 10k road race in memory of a police officer killed in Oneonta in '94. They also have have a 2 mile stroll. It's a really great event and I love participating in it every year! Here's a picture of all the racers at the starting line. I love this American flag at the starting line.
Jake and Ava during the walkAva and Jake at the finish line!!

Ava with her balloons! The balloons were her favorite part of the day!

PamperingBeki is organizing the 2008 Bloggers' Ornament Exchange. It sounds like fun! To sign up, head over to her website and follow the directions. Ornaments should have a value of approximately $10 and will need to be mailed by November 22nd. The sign-up deadline is October 25th, so hurry on over if you want to join the fun!


AG said...

I love how you have an exact quote from my blog in yours. Aren't we cute.

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Sounds like a fun day!