Sunday, September 6, 2009

Curl Cutie

This afternoon we went to Grandma Jan's for a barbeque to celebrate her birthday. We all had a good time eating and laughing and having a good time. Tonight when we got home Ava wanted me to curl her hair with rollers. Poor thing she has stick straight hair and it doesn't curl very easily.

I got her some sponge rollers a while ago and she loves when I put them in her hair. She got her hair chopped off last weekend and it looks SO cute!! It's in a short bob. She looks adorable. I love when she has her hair short. Since her hair is short it didn't take too long to put all of her hair up in the sponge rollers. Never mind her hot mess of a bed in these pictures, that's on our list of things to do tomorrow. Her room looks like a tornado went through it-toys and clothes EVERYWHERE!! Anyway, I will let you know how her hair turned out!

Have a great labor day!! We don't have any plans just working around the house and getting the kids ready for their first day of school on Tuesday!


CBL said...

LOL she looks adorable!

Michelle said...

Too cute!! Please give B & A a hug for me on their first day of school!!

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

That is so cute!! :)