Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School!

Today was Brock and Ava's first day of school!! We got up extra early to make sure that everyone got to school on time. Graig and Brock left our house a little after 7because Brock is in middle school now and he starts school at 7:25!

They DID NOT want their picture taken this morning, it was SOOO early Ava was still in her robe-ha ha! I really wanted to get a picture of both of them on their first day, it's not the best picture but at least the two of them are together.

Brock all ready for school! Today after school I didn't see Brock until a little after 7 because he had soccer practice and then Graig took him straight to baseball practice. When he got home he was TIRED and HUNGRY!

Ava started 2nd grade today and she had a good day too! She has the same teacher as she did last year since her elementary school loops. She was so excited to see her teacher, Mrs. Andrew this morning! I pretty much just dropped her off in her classroom and left her right away because she was busy catching up with her friends and putting her supplies away. Ava LOVES clothes and she picked out her first day outfit weeks in advanceI love this outfit we got it at Crazy8.

They were both so tired tonight, they went straight to bed.


Jill said...

Awww... Happy 1st Day of School. Love the outfit Ava picked out for the 1st day.

Michelle said...

Poor babies--they look tired!! I hope they had a good first day at school. Can't believe Brock starts at 7:25 am!