Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This and That

Brock started soccer practice yesterday. It was his first ever practice as a Middle Schooler!! He is going to play on the 7th grade boys team this year. He says that soccer is his 4th favorite sport behind baseball, basketball and golf-ha ha! He has played with all of the other boys on his team and Graig thinks he will play goalie which is his favorite position, so I think he will have a great year! I love this picture of Brock's first soccer team (who is in the front on the far right)

Ava is spending a couple of days with Grandpa Larry. They always have so much fun together she helps him in his garden and he lets her drive his golf cart. She is coming home tonight and I'm sure she'll tell us ALL about their adventures!!

I bought a few fall flowers yesterday to spruce up our yard for fall. Some of my summer flowers have died and some are looking pretty rough so I bought some Zinnias (LOVE these flowers). I tried to grow some of my own this year but they didn't have too many blooms, I think I will just buy them in August from now on when they are big and beautiful and have a TON of blooms on them!

Last night I started reading Admission which is a book about the Admissions process at an Ivy League school. You know how I never have time to pick out books in the library, this book was on the front display shelf of the library and it looked good! Graig is an Admissions Counselor so I think it will be interesting to see how the book explains the College Admissions process.

I am still really busy at work but we are trying to enjoy this last week of Brock and Ava's summer vacation. The weather has been PERFECT here so that helps a lot! Happy Wednesday!