Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Mantle!

Today the Nester is doing a fall mantle tour.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her blog. I wish she could come up here and decorate my whole house.  This weekend she is having a yard sale and I mapquested it to see how long it would take me to get there from NY...12 hours so sadly I won't be going.:(  I swear I am not a crazy stalker, but if we lived a little closer I would really try to go, I'm sure she is going to sell some amazing stuff!

I really like our fall mantle because it isn't too fallish.  I only have a few fall things on our mantle but I do like to change it up a lot (like every week-ha ha!)

For my fall mantle I followed the 5 P's
3. plants
4. plate

Here is a shot of our mantle from the entrance to the room

 Here is a close up of the center of the mantle.  I LOVE the color of this  plate, it is metal and I got it for only 50 cents at a garage sale.  I know it's not a fall color but I wanted to keep it out because I love it so much!

Here's a close up of my glass jars from Ballard Design.  They were a total splurge but I leave them out all the time.  I got the pears from Home Goods.    You can see a plant on an old scale in the background. 

Here's a close up of a picture of Ava.  On the other side I have a picture of Brock.  You can also see a couple of pumpkins and a spiced cider candle from Bath and Body Works. 

Here is a glass candle with leaves.  This is from the Dollar Tree (classy!)  You can also see a plant in the background. 

I got this pumpkin last year.  I love the stars!

 Here you can see the pictures I have of Brock and Ava. 

I hoped you like the fall mantle tour!  I can't wait to see the other fall mantles on display today.  Have a happy Wednesday!


Janna said...

Your mantle looks great. I love the big jars with pears in them.

this blessed nest said...

i too, love the pears!

your mantel looks very festive.

thanks for linking up to the FALL FESTIVAL!