Friday, September 10, 2010

Our bar

I have been obsessed with having a bar for the longest time. I don't know why I started wanting one but it seems like I always have.  My friends make fun of me because I am always searching and buying things for the bar.  Graig and I don't even drink that often so really the bar is just for looks.
Here are some of my latest bar finds (all from garage sales!)

A wine cooler for $1.00

A bar set (free!)

Here's the whole bar set up!

Happy Friday!  I am SO glad it's the weekend!  It is suppose to be chilly so we are just going to hang around the house and relax.  Brock and Ava just finished their first week of school they are tired.  We won't do too much but I do want to start getting our fall stuff out.  It might be a little early but I LOVE decorating for fall.


Janna said...

Your bar looks cute. I buy some bar stuff too because I want to make a "guy" room for Chris.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Very cute- great job!

AG said...

love the bar set. Can't wait to see the new table in this situation. haha.