Tuesday, September 2, 2008


The premiere of 90210 was tonight! I couldn't watch it because I had to work again! Thank goodness recruitment week gets over on Friday. Tonight was sorority and fraternity Philanthropy Night. Anyway, back to 90210, I loved this show when I was in hs/college. My friends and I would always get together to watch it. I am so excited that it's back.

My favorite character was Kelly Taylor, I always wanted to be like her, she had the best hair. I am so happy that she is in new series. Who was your favorite 90210 character?
I DVR'd it so I can watch it on Friday night, I can't wait!


AG said...

my friends in HS called ourselves "The Crew" and all were a character from the show. We were so cool. Anyway...I missed it too so save it on DVR for me too.

Cristina said...

I was much too cool for 90210...but I'll admit to remembering a few faces. My favorite character would have to be the guy that ran the Peach Pit because I think he secretly hated all of them. Donna was by far the most interesting bird because she was sooo amazingly ugly, and yet they treated her as one of their own.