Saturday, September 6, 2008

Soccer Saturday

This morning Brock and Ava started in our town's fall soccer league. Ava played at 9am (so early!) and Brock played at 10. Ava had a good game, meaning she didn't sit down on the field during the game. Brock has played on the same team for a few years, I love all of the kids and families on his team. I have a good time catching up with the other mom's during the game. After a morning of soccer we went to a retirement party in the afternoon for Graig's high school soccer coach. He is retiring after 30 years of teaching and coaching.
Tonight my friend Allison came over and we had pizza and she helped me put out my fall decorations. We also made an adorable flower arrangement for my dining room. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, I love when the leaves change colors and it gets a little cooler.


Shelby said...

I love fall too, I put out my fall decs the day school began :). Linda visited today--and helped me make some fall cards. Miss you!