Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

This morning I picked up the house and got this organized for the week. Brock and Ava start school (finally!) on Wednesday.
This afternoon, Graig Brock and Ava went to his mom's to celebrate her b-day, I couldn't go because I had to go in to work. This is recruitment week for me and it's super busy, tonight I have fraternity poker (it's ok because I get a worked holiday-meaning I can take another day off when I want to).

My mother-in-law Janice is great! She is a wonderful grandma to the kids, she is always doing special things with them and taking them to neat places.In February she took Ava to Florida and last November she took Brock to Colorado. She is such a caring and loving mom to her 3 boys. They have all grown up to be successful men. I know she is so proud of all of them! Anyway, we have a good time when we are together, I love her sense of humor and she is the best decorator ever! Her home is always so "homey" and welcoming.

So for her birthday, I picked out this great bracelet for her. I found it online. It's personalized with Brock and Ava's names on it. (I wish I could take a picture of it~but you all know my camera story, hopefully it will be fixed soon). I got it in black and silver two of her favorite colors.

Last night Ava and I went to my friend Sabrina's house for dinner. Since she will be on maternity leave for a few months she is going through all of her closets and getting rid of stuff she doesn't need or want. She has great taste and gave me some great stuff that she was going to get rid of! She also inspired me to start getting rid of stuff in our house. This morning I packed up a box of stuff for the second hand store and I got rid of a whole trash bag full of old toys, stained clothes, etc that can be thrown away. It's my goal to have all of our closets and basement organized by Halloween!

I also think I am going to start Weight Watchers again. I lost 25lbs after Ava was born using Weight Watchers! It really works if you do it. I know some people keep a blog of what they eat and how much they exercise and I think I am going to start doing this tomorrow. I pay $48 a month to go to a gym and I go about 3-4 times per week but I eat like crap and I am not losing weight. I would like to lose about 25-30 lbs. I think if I write down what I eat and when I exercise I will be more accountable. I love reading this blog everyday of a woman who lost a ton of weight.

This post my longest post ever, if you made it to the end~Thank you~I had a lot to write about today!

Edited to add: Alright I did it, I started a weight watchers blog for myself here it is Wish me luck!