Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend recap!

This weekend has been busy and fun.

Friday night-I worked until 8pm then I went to a Lia Sophia party. A girl that I work with had one and she had the cutest yorkie poo which we discovered is a sister of our dogs Daisy and Ellie. How cute is that? She is going to bring her over for a play date with our dogs very soon!

Saturday-Stayed in bed reading my book, The Chamber by John Grisham, while Graig (being the good hubby that he is) took Brock and Ava to their morning soccer games. A little before lunch time I went to the Fly Creek Cider Mill to meet my friends Allison, Beth and Cristina for some fall fun. I had a great time seeing them (We will have to do that again soon girls!!) then I raced home to Brock's little league games in the afternoon. I worked at the Concession stand with Ava and about 6 of her friends. I sent the girls out to the stands with trays of snacks and drinks and they made a ton of money for Little League! They had so much fun working at the Concession Stand. After the games we had our friends Abby, Allison, Shawn and Sabrina over for Mama Nina's. Brock spent the night with his best friend Thomas and Ava had her friend Mary over for a sleepover.

Sunday-This morning we are going to church, when we get home I am going to work in our garden, clean up our house a little bit, and then I am making a pot roast for dinner, after that I am taking a nap! I am exhausted I have had the longest week ever at work. Graig is going to drop Ava off at a birthday party and then he is going to a football game with Brock so I will have a few glorious hours to myself, I can't wait


Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Is the Chamber good? I keep picking it up and then putting it back for some unknown reason.

I'd love your opinion!

Michelle said...

We are so sisters---I too am reading the Chamber!!