Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First day of school

Today was Brock and Ava's first day of school! Brock started 6th grade and Ava started 1st grade. They were both so happy to go back and see all of their friends. They both have great teachers, so I am so excited about this year. Brock has the same teacher that he had last year (in his school they do looping, which means the kids stay with the same teacher for two years)

Anyway, here is a picture of Brock and his friend George.

Ava and her friends Mary, Sarah, and Avery. These girls were so close in kindergarten, I am so glad that they are together for 1st grade.

At work, recruitment week is almost over! Tonight the fraternities and sororities had their last night of rush activities~preference parties for the sororities and informational events for the fraternities~Bid Day is on Friday! I can't wait!

Friday night, I am having a girls night with my friends, they are coming over to watch 90210, to hang out, talk and eat great food. After this crazy week at work, I really need a night to just relax and be with my friends. We always have such a great time together!


Beth said...

Yeah for the first day of school! Is Brock at Center St? I did my student teaching in a 5/6 class at Center St. with Mr. Collier. I'm looking forward to Fly Creek, too!

Michelle Cohenour said...

Girls night sounds like fun! Wish I could be there to join you!

Brock & Ava look so cute in their classrooms! Good luck this year in school B & A!!