Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Night, Night

The past few weeks have been stressful for me at work and I spent over an hour talking to my friend Allison on the phone tonight. We have the same job at different colleges in the same town. We had such a fun time talking (ok commiserating) about our jobs, I am so thankful to have her to talk to when things are difficult at work! We are also both new to blogging so we love talking about the different blogs that we read.
When I got off the phone with her and went upstairs Brock and Ava were in our bed, they both love sleeping in there. They think our bed is so comfortable! Graig started his admissions travel schedule today so he will be gone for a few nights a week until the end of October. So, while he's gone I will be sharing our bed with Brock and Ava.

Don't they look so snugly in the blankets?

I also did a little more fall decorating today, here is our Halloween tree. I love decorating this tree for the holidays!
On Thursday night my friend Sabrina is hosting a craft night/Grey's anatomy party She is so talented and creative, so I love when she thinks of a craft that we can all do together! She found this cute idea from Martha Stewart's website. We are going to make two prints and use the opposite fabrics on each one. I am going to get fabrics in brown, green, lime, and khaki to make mine because I want to redecorate our bedroom this fall in those colors.
These are the colors that I am thinking of for our bedroom makeover that I am planning for this fall. I bought these storage baskets today because I love all the colors in them! The walls in our bedroom are a brown color and we have khaki roman shades, I don't want to change those things but I do want to get a new comforter, pillows, throws, and accessories for our bed and window seat.


AG said...

Brock and Ava will thank you for posting their sleeping photos one day!