Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shop til you drop

Today I went shopping with my friend Sabrina during my lunch hour. She wanted to get a wreath for her front door and I wanted a new fall centerpiece for our dining room table. We went to this great little shop that had tons and tons of beautiful fall decorations. I wish I took my camera because they had so many nice things. Anyway, I bought a festive centerpiece for our table, I think it will look great there until Thanksgiving!

Next, we went to Wal-Mart to get the supplies for our craft night tomorrow night, we swore we would just be in there a few minutes...but you all know how Wal-Mart is, it took forever, but luckily we got all the things that we need for our Craft Night.

I was ready to call it a day because I had to get back to work but Sabrina wanted to stop at the fabric store to get the fabric for our crafts. I am so glad that we stopped because I got the cutest fabric for our project. I got two different kinds. I love them, I think they will look perfect in our bedroom after I redecorate it!


AG said...

cute fabric. It'll be fun tonight.