Sunday, December 28, 2008

Are you ready for some football??

One of Brock's Christmas presents this year was tickets to a New England Patriots game. Today Graig and Brock got up at 6:30 to drive to the game in Buffalo which is about 4 hours away. Last night Brock was so excited he couldn't fall asleep. I talked to Graig tonight and he said it was so cold and windy at the game, but he said Brock loved every minute of the game and the Patriots won!!
Here's Brock right before he left this morning. Doesn't he look tired?

Tonight they are spending the night in Buffalo and tomorrow Ava and I are going to meet them at Graig's favorite place in the whole world...Turning Stone Casino (Ava calls it Poker Stone, it's so cute). Anyway, we are all going to go for the night to swim, hang out and be together as a family. Graig (of course) wants to play poker and they have an amazing spa so we all should have a lot of fun!!

Today I took down almost all of our Christmas decorations. I am keeping up one small tree in our dining room and some garland on our mantle.We are having a New Year's Eve party so I want our house to look a little festive! I also started painting the trim in our living room white (now it's dark blue). It is going to take forever!! I only got our two little bookcases by our fireplace done today.

Here's one of the bookshelves that I painted white, it took about 5 coats because they were dark blue.

This is the only tree that we have up now, I took the other two down today.

I also finished painting this canvas for us today, I like how it turned out!


AG said...

Your bookshelf looks good. It looks really clean and fresh. Although, I liked it blue too. :)

I'm glad Brock had a fun time at the game. My Dad is sad at the Bills loss but it's as it should be this year. Next year...

Have fun at Turning Stone--enjoy the spa!

Shelby said...

Hope you all had fun swimming and hanging out! The game sounds like fun--glad Brock enjoyed it.

Your new white accents look very classy!!

CarolinaGirl said...

Great job! Have fun on your vacation:) Those kids get cuter every day!

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