Saturday, December 6, 2008

Winter recital

Ava has been practicing all fall for her winter recital which was held this weekend. Ava danced in three dances. Here is a picture of everyone from the last dance "Santa Rock"

Tonight, Grandpa Larry his wife Shirley and Ava's great grandma came to watch her show. Here's Ava with her dance teacher Jill. Ava loves Jill so much and loves taking classes with her.

Ava with her costume after the show!

The recital was a lot of fun and it really got us in the holiday spirit! After the show Ava and I went to Wal-Mart to get some Christmas presents, I think we are almost finished with our shopping!!


AG said...

aww, Ava looks so cute! I wish I had known about this recital, I would have come watched. :)

Hope all is well!

P said...

She's so pretty!

Beth said...

Ava is adorable! Glad her recital went well. And holy cow, Graig looks like his dad!

Aunt Shelby said...

Ava--you look so cute!! Congrats on your recital! Glad your grandpa and Shirly could see you perform. If Uncle Ryan and I lived closer we would definately be there too :) Love you all!