Friday, December 5, 2008

Our busy week!

This week has been so busy for us! Brock and Ava have been busy with school and activities and Graig and I have been busy at work, I am ready for a relaxing weekend! Tonight was the first night of Ava's winter recital. She's in three dances, I got a couple of pictures of her, I am going to try to get better ones tomorrow night because her costumes are so cute! Ava is one of the toy soldiers. Ava is in the little Santa outfit.
The recital was really nice all the parents brought desserts and we ate them during the dances, they were so yummy! I made these cupcakes, I thought the kids would like them.

Last night my friend Jacquelyn had a craft night and I made this centerpiece for our dining room table, I am really happy with the way it turned out.

Today was my intern, Michaela's, last day at work, she did such a great job this semester! She helped me with lots of projects and events, I am going to miss her next semester! We went out to lunch and stopped by our town's garden club Christmas sale. It was so great! There were so many beautiful flowers and Christmas arrangements. I got this one for our dining room

Michaela also gave me this sweet present today at lunch, I love it! It was so thoughtful of her!


Aunt Shelby said...

Ava's recital looks like a lot of fun! Cute center pieces! Thanks for posting! Missed seeing you all this week. How is Brock--he hasn't been on the blog recently--how is his basketball teams going?

Katie said...

Cute cupcakes! Yum!

Your centerpiece is great, too!