Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years and Shelby's new blog!!

Happy New Years everyone! 2008 went by so fast! It was a great year for our family and we had many good memories from this year. We are so blessed and I am thankful for everything we have and all the good times that we had in 2008! The Roost is hosting a New Years party and everyone is supposed to post their favorite pics from 2008-how fun!!

Here are some highlights

Ava graduated from kindergarten!! Our little girl is getting so big!!

Brock, Ava and I went to Wyoming to visit my Dad's ranch.

Ava and I inside a mammoth's jaw bone in Wyoming!

Brock played little league all summer. Graig was the team's coach. We went all over watching his games this summer.

Here's Ava and I before one of the games.

Brock and his friend Theo

My friend Sabrina and her family welcomed baby Eliza June in July. Eliza is such a sweet baby. I am going to love watching her grow up!!

Graig and I with Eliza in the hospitalWe spent many afternoons this summer at the pool in our town. Summer is my favorite season and Brock and Ava love to swim so we went to the pool a lot.

I know this picture is way off center but I love Ava in this picture. Sheer joy!!

Brock's best friend Trey moved to Washington State last year. The highlight of Brock's summer is when he came to visit!

I hoped you enjoyed my highlights from this past year. I hope 2009 brings many more memories, special times and fun!

In other exciting news my little sister, Shelby, started a blog today! I am so happy for her. I helped her set it up over the phone this morning and she posted 3 times today!! Please go over and tell her hi! Her blog is called Extension of Grace


Katie said...

I am really behind! Your pics are great. Love the "E" canvas!

AG said...

Your sister's blog is cute!

I can't wait to see pictures from your PARtay tomorrow.

Happy New Year!

Michelle said...

Love the pictures--you all have had so much fun this year!!

Always Organizing said...

Happy New Year!!! Thanks so much for commenting on my new organizing blog, you are my first comment there! Your sister's blog is cute, so glad she is joining the blogging world :)

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I loved all your pictures! Thanks for taking part in the party! I will go say Hi to Shelby ;0)

Life with Kaishon said...

Your blog is adorable! I love your pictures! I think you are WAY cool because of your cool headband! I also LOVE love LOVE the picture of Ava jumping into the pool! It's great. We live at our pool all summer long too! Happy New Year!

Lynette said...

The pic of your daughter jumping into the sheer joy!

Happy New Year.

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