Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Snow!

Today we had our first big winter snow storm! I love when it snows so today was a fun day. Brock and Ava got out of school at noon and so we went home early and had a relaxing afternoon. Brock and our neighbor Joe decided to go to around our neighborhood to see if anyone wanted their driveways shoveled. He made $10, he was so happy! He takes after Graig so much, he loves making money. (ha!) He is going to go out again tomorrow morning!

While Graig was shoveling Ava and I went outside to see all the snow!

Ava making a snow angel

Look at all the snow coming down!


Jill said...

Great photos. I'm so jealous of your winter weather. I have my AC on right now. :(

AG said...

I hate snow. But it's kind of fun being snowed in. I'm being so productive!

I will stop by to see you before I take off for Cmas. I have your gift!