Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mini Vaca

We are back from our Mini vaca to Turning Stone Casino. I think the kids had a good time, they swam and spent a lot of time (and money!) in the arcade. I thought was relaxing just being away from home for a night.
Every time we got to a hotel Brock's favorite thing to do is to jump from bed to bed. He started doing this when he was about 2 and he loves it. I took a ton of pictures of him doing it, we all thought it was so funny he jumped so high.

Ava and I did a lot of exploring at the hotel. She (of course) loved the elevator, escalator, revolving door and fountains. They also had a great gingerbread house display and she loved that!

Ava in front of one of the fountains

Grandma Jan took Brock and Ava to an indoor water park for two nights as their Christmas present. They left this afternoon I think they will all have a great time! Here is Brock and Grandma Jan at Christmas. She also does Christmas envelopes every year. She fills up about 50 envelopes with different amounts of money. Brock and Ava have such a good time taking turns picking out their envelopes. Brock was so happy when he found a $10 bill in one.


Beth said...

how fun! What a neat little vaca! I could use one myself! Happy New Year!

AG said...

Looks fun! Do you think Grandma Jan would play the money envelope game with me? Because that sounds like a game I could win. :)

Have fun at your party tonight.

Shelby said...

Brock jumped so high!! I remember when he did this when he was little--in New York City...we wanted to see the sights of the city for fun and his little heart was content jumping from bed to bed for fun!

Have a great new years party tonight!

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