Thursday, February 12, 2009

Paint, paint and more paint

Saturday morning I am getting up bright and early to start painting our trim in our living room white. Right now it's dark blue and I love the dark blue color but I am ready for a change. It was already painted this color when we moved in and we haven't changed it. I have wanted it white for so long, but I haven't gotten around to getting it done. This is the weekend!! I am going to spend all weekend at home painting. Graig is going to help so I am hoping that we get the whole living room done. We will still have to do our sunroom, office and dining room...but it will be a good start!

This is what our trim looks like now

After Christmas I painted the shelves in our living room white, I really like the way they turned out! I can't wait for all of our trim to look like this! I love how this looks!!

I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day weekend!! What are your Valentine's Day plans?


AG said...

I'm excited to see how the trim looks after!

Cristina and I are going to the movies on Sat. wanna go?

Sarah said...

Can not wait to see what it looks like. I am in the process of picking out new paint colors for some of our rooms. It is such a hard choice.

Michelle said...

That will look great! Have fun with your painting weekend!

Always Organizing said...

Good luck with the painting! Can't wait to see how it looks :)

We are staying in and I'm cooking, which I love...