Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day weekend

This weekend was really busy, I spent a lot of time painting our trim, that's still not done! I have 3 coats on so far, I think I have one more coat to do. I love the way it looks. Here is the heater in our dining room. Today was a busy day, Graig took Brock to a soccer tournament Ava and I stayed home because Ava had dance practice and a birthday party this afternoon. Ava and I stopped by Wal-Mart and they finally had a Wii-fit in stock!! I have been looking for it every time we go to and it's never in stock. I am so happy that I finally found one today! Brock and I played it tonight, it was a lot of fun! I did yoga and the hoola hoop and Brock did running. I think we are going to get a lot of use out of it! This week Brock and Ava are on their winter vacation, they are looking forward to a week home from school.


Beth said...

Have fun with the Wii Fit! You guys will love it. I recommend the ski jumping!