Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekend recap!

This weekend was busy usual for us! Friday night Brock was at the Boys and Girls Club and Ava spent the night with a friend so Graig and I had a night to ourselves!! We watched the movie Fireproof. It was so good!! If you haven't seen it please watch it!! It was a little too religious for Graig but we both thought the message was so good. It really made me really think about a lot of things and what's really important in life. My sister Shelby bought the Love Dare book from the movie, I want to buy it too but I haven't had the chance to look for it yet.

Saturday was a pretty relaxing day, which was nice! I worked on a craft project that I am going to show tomorrow and Brock had his friend Jordan sleep over. Ava had ballet and when we got weekly paper we were so happy to see Ava on the front page!! Ava's teacher Mrs. Andrews put this on her blog too!

Today, Ava and I went to the mall. We had to exchange her winter coat. Poor Ava is on her 3rd coat of the year, on her last two coats the zipper broke both times! I hope no one else is looking for a winter coat, because it was so hard to find one today for Ava, all the stores had out their bathing suits and summer stuff...we are in upstate NY, we have at least two months of winter left. We finally found a silver and pink Hannah Montana one at Macy's, it was $80 marked down to $16! We also had to buy to baby outfits for two friends that had babies in January.

This is for Baby Miles, he will be a little preppy boy in this cute outfit! I love the little crocs!

I love this little dress for baby Abigail, it will look so cute on her this summer!

We also made a quick stop to Homegoods and found this cute pillow for Ava's room, she was so happy when she found her name on a pillow!!
I got this picture for Ava's room at Homegoods, I love it and it was only $20!! Tonight we got pizza and wings and watched the Superbowl! Brock had his friend Joe over to watch the game, they also made a you tube video of the two of them wrestling. They love making videos! Here's a link to the video.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!


AG said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend. Did you get my message from Saturday? I was excited to see Ava's picture in the paper.

Michelle said...

Congrats to Ava--front page news! I always love watching Brock's videos--he is always having so much fun! You all had a busy weekend!!

Jill said...

Homegoods is just the best. I love the Ava pillow... what a find!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Love the Fireproof movie and I am so glad we can buy it now! You really hit the jackpot at Homegoods! :)

Katie said...

I haven't seen Fireproof yet, and I have been wanting to!

Cute baby clothes and monogrammed pillow!

The Mrs. said...

Okay I just put fireproof on the top of the netflix list! I keep hearing about it! Have to see it!