Monday, November 2, 2009

Paper Boy!

For the past few months Graig and I  have been talking about Brock getting his first job.  I know he's only 12 but Graig thinks it's important and I think it's a good idea too.   Graig grew up on a Dairy Farm and he got up early every morning to help with chores in the barns before school.  Since we don't live on a farm Graig wanted Brock to have an opportunity to earn money, and feel a sense of accomplishment from his work.  Graig is the HARDEST worker that I have ever met he LOVES working and has such a great work ethic that I agreed that it would be good for Brock to learn those skills now.  Today was his first day as a Paper Boy!  His route isn't in our neigborhood so Graig is going to drive him to the houses that he delivers to.   They dropped the papers off really early this morning. Graig and Brock got up at 5:30 to wrap the papers and get ready for their first day.  I am still sick as a dog but I got up to take a few pictures because I wanted to document this important day, the pictures aren't the best I hope to get some better ones when I am feeling better and Brock and Graig aren't so crabby-ha ha!

Of course Ava wanted to get up early too!  She actually went with them this morning, she loves her sleep so I don't think she will want to go evey morning.  Poor thing she hardly looks awake in this picture.  See the pictures in the background?  She helped fold them up. 

Graig and Brock on the move!  They put the papers in the green bin and away they went!   


Michelle said...

Wow that is early--what dedication!

Jill said...

What a great opportunity for Brock. It is so great that you and your husband have such a strong work ethic and you want to pass it along to your kids. I had my first job at 16 and loved it but I've noticed many kids now days aren't interested in working. It's really sad. Y'all are great parents.

Angie said...

I think that is wonderful and your son will always remember the times with his dad.