Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Uncle Garth!!

Graig's brother Garth just got into town today!  He lives in Colorado and is here visiting for a week!  Brock and Ava are so excited because they haven't seen him since he came to visit last fall.  Ava and Grandma Jan will be spending Thanksgiving in Colorado this year with Uncle Garth and Jill, while Brock and I are in Illinois visiting my family.  So Ava gets to see Uncle Garth twice this month!

Tonight Graig got Brooks takeout and we ate and caught up with Garth.  After dinner they watched the Yankee game!!  I really really hope the Yankees win the World Series tonight!  Brock and Graig would be SO happy!!

Here is a picture of Brock, Ava and Uncle Garth from last year.  I love this picture of them, it's on our fridge!

Ava wasn't feeling well today so I stayed home AGAIN!  She slept for 5 hours this afternoon, poor thing!  She is going back to school tonorrow and I am going back to work!  I bet I have aboout 100 emails and phone messages, it will be crazy but I HAPPY to be feeling better finally!!

Today I am thankful for our siblings-Graig has two brothers, Gary and Garth, and I have one sister, Shelby.!!

Happy Wednesday!


janna said...

I guess you had a happy house tonight when the Yankees won!

Michelle said...

Glad your feeling better! Hope you have a good visit with Garth!

Mags said...

Yay...Yankees!!! :)