Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend update!

We had a busy weekend!  We are getting ready for our Thanksgiving trips and I got all of the inside decorating done for Christmas!  Here's a little wrap up of our weekend.

Friday-Brock had a basketball game and Ava and I went to craft club.  We had fun and ate tons of great food!!  The craft was Advent calendars but I didn't even make one!  I tried to make one but I really don't have any room for it so I make a garland instead.  My friend Sabrina made a really cute one and I will take a picture to show next time I go to her house.

Saturday-Was a really busy morning!!  Ava started off going to cheerleading, while she was there I went to watch Brock's basketball game, then I left at half time to pick Ava up and we went to her retreat for first penance at church, then she had ballet.  I spent the afternoon and evening decorating our house for Christmas.  Ava had 3 friends sleepover and Brock had 1 of his friends sleepover so we had a houseful!!

Sunday-Ava went to Sunday school, and I spent the whole day finishing up our Christmas decorations.  I still have to do Brock and Ava's little trees and Graig needs to do the outside lights but other than those few things we are ALL done with Christmas decorating!!  I also packed a little for our trip to Illinois!  We are also having our family Thanksgiving dinner tonight since we won't be home for Thanksgiving.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Janna said...

I cannot believe you are almost finished decorating. I wish I was, but I havn't started yet. I bet you're getting excited about your trip...