Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Trees!

For the last few year's Brock and Ava have had trees in their rooms.  This year I have been looking for red, blue, silver, gold and sports themed ornaments for Brock's tree and pink, turqouise, lime green and purple ornaments for Ava's tree.  Target had a lot of cute ornaments this year. I think they look so sweet lit up in their rooms.  To be honest Brock HATES his tree but he tolerates it because he knows that I like decorating it-ha ha!  Ava always helps me decorate her tree.

Ava's tree!  The flower on top is the flower she wore in her hair at  her First Communion.

Brock's tree!

Happy Wednesday!!  We are getting excited for Christmas!  We are going to go to Grandma Jan's on Christmas Eve and then we will be at our house for Christmas morning!  


AG said...

love the trees. You are such a fun mom.